Not So FAQ

Some not so frequently asked questions

What is the Monday Project?

The Monday Project was the brain child of Kate and Soph. It’s easy to keep putting off creative pursuits for social opportunities or the more mundane chores (like work and paying bills). The Monday Project was design to help people take a little time out each month to be creative by challenging them to create something based off a theme with a set deadline.

The online format of the Monday Project also allows everyone to share ideas and provide feedback on work.

Who can take part in the Monday Project?

The project is open to all who wish to join. You can choose whatever medium you’d like. So far we’ve had illustrators, photographers, writers and musicians take part.

How do I submit to the Monday Project?

If you have your own space on the Internet, it’s probably best to put up your response there. Or you can always start up your own blog (we’ve found wordpress is easy to use and it’s free). Then you can just send us the link to where you have posted it at

If you really don’t want to go to that effort, you can send us a copy of your submission to We ask you to try and keep the file sizes small.

So who owns the copyright for work submitted to the Monday Project?

The artist/creator. If you are sending us something to put up on the Monday Project blog, we’re naturally working under the assumption there is an implied license that we can use it to show the submission, but the original artist still retains the copyright to the work.

So can I comment on other peoples submissions?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. We just ask that you keep respectful and keep in mind the phrase “constuctive criticism”.

Also, feel free to send in your links to your work in progress if you’d like the opportunity to receive some feedback as you develop your idea.

My submission is a little risqué… Will you include that?

At the Monday Project we’re not big on putting limitations on peoples creative process. However we are going to try and keep the blog family friendly (as by our judgment). We’ll include work designed for a mature audience, but if you think there is a chance people could be offended, we ask that you put it up on your own blog and send us the link, just so our readers can make an informed decision about what they view.

All in all, Soph, Kate and mr sketchy have final say on these sort of judgement calls.

Can I request or suggest a theme to be used?

Yes. We welcome all suggestions, but we’re trying to be organised and have quiet a few months of themes prepared in advance. So if you don’t see your idea next month, it’s not at we don’t like it, its just might be a while before we get around to for which we don’t already have a theme planned.

Got some more questions?

Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get to them as soon as we can.


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