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Slowing Down

I actually wrote this post two weeks ago (the last time I was sick!) but for some reason (probably crappy internet connection and impatience) I didn’t get to actually post it. I’ve been busy since, and now have got sick all over again. Very irritating!

Yesterday, in between my fevered sleeps and horredous coughing fits, I was reading this lovely lady’s blog. As well as some photos of her oh-so-cute little man, she often makes wonderfully insightful comments. The post I have linked to is all about slowing down.

The timing of this post, for me, is excellent. I rush around. I try to stretch my days to fit just that little extra bit of ‘stuff’ in. I like to be busy. And where does it lead me? To a sick bed. Which is where I will probably be for the next three days.

Now, I don’t want to blame this illness entirely on myself — the flu is, after all, going around at the moment. But I do think that if I gave myself just a little more time to do, well, nothing, I might avoid falling quite so hard when I do get sick. So Jodi’s post is a nicely timed reminder to slow down, just a little, and give myself some thinking and resting time.

As well as being good for my health, I can’t help but think some slow time will be good for my writing. If my brain’s too full of scheduling, as it often is of late, how will there ever be room for stories and ideas?

If nothing else good comes of this horrid flu, I guess at least it’s forcing me to stop for a while!

Image by Mister Rad.



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