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Theme responses: An agent of change

Sorry we’ve been a bit slack getting these responses up this month. Better late than never, I guess.

The ever-on-time Pseudo Rhys has come up with a lovely character, who you can see here.

We were joined this month by Enj, who came up with quirky piece.

Soph has a short written piece up here.

Thanks for playing along this month! Check out the new theme here.

~ Soph, Kate & Mr Sketchy


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Theme: “They called his name until it didn’t sound like a real word anymore, but he never returned.”

Wow. How did a week go by!? Sorry, we must’ve got distracted or something. Unfortunately that means you’ll have less time for this month’s project.

The theme this month is:

“They called his name until it didn’t sound like a real word anymore, but he never returned.”

This little sentence came to me just after Christmas last year when I was staying with my parents in Canberra for a week or so, and the family dog went missing. We spent so much time calling out his name, wondering if he’d ever come back. After three days, we all started to force ourselves to face the idea that he might not.

And then one morning he just showed up at the back door, exhausted, filthy and needing lots of cuddles. We were all very relieved.

Lost & found

~ Soph

Responses to this month’s theme will be due midnight Monday 1 August.

As usual, shoot us an email ( with your response attached; or, if you’ve got your own site, send us through a link.

Happy creating!

~ Soph, Kate & Mr Sketchy


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Sorry… there has been a delay in the next posts. Will most likely be up tomorrow….

~Mr Sketchy


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