Theme responses: Canberra Autumn

Well another month has passed and we’ve had some really great responses from the last theme, Canberra Autumn.

Pseudo Rhys has a wonderful illustration here.

Duck Reach has a beautiful map-inspired drawing here.

And I’ve put up a my response here.

If you are still trying to finish a piece off, send it in and we’ll include it in this post.

Otherwise, enjoy creating with the new theme, which is due on the 6th of June.


I’ve finally got my act together and posted up my response to last month’s theme here.

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One response to “Theme responses: Canberra Autumn

  1. An interesting theme for a couple of reasons. Being a resident of Canberra (I’ve lived here for about 6 years now) I’ve noticed a change in that attitude that ‘Canberra is boring’. When I first lived here, bands never came! But next week, Ben Folds is starting out his national tour here, plus many other ‘big’ bands that have started to take Canberra seriously.

    But – I really think Canberra is one of those places you have to live in to actually like it. When you visit, you might go to the War Memorial, or Old Parliament House or Floriade. Those places are fun/interesting/good tourist places. But there is a lot more to Canberra if you live here I think.

    One of those things is the Canberra Autumn. In places, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I think that, as a theme, this was a difficult one – Canberra Autumn is most enjoyed by its residents as they watch it unfold.

    Hope my comment hasn’t been too ‘Canberra wanky’ for anyone. I am new to the blogosphere and wish I’d managed to get my own submission in here. I enjoyed the existing submissions! Thanks!

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