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Submissions: Redux

Hey everyone, I hope you had a fun and creative month.

The time has come to show our work on last months theme, Redux.

First I’d like to send a special thanks to Pseudo Rhys for letting us see his submission ahead of time.

Other submissions we have is from Duck Reach with a interesting collage here.

Mr Sketchy’s work is here along with a rambling story.

If you have yet to send us your submission, don’t panic. You can send it or a link into us at
For the next few days we’ll update this post with the extra submissions, after that you can still enter something, but you’ll need to put it the comments below.


And, in keeping with past habits, Sophie’s submission is late. But here it is.


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Theme: Beach Baths

This is an image I took at the beach baths in Newcastle, just after I’d discovered (and subsequently become obsessed with) the Hipstamatic App. The day I took this picture, I went for a big long walk with a good friend of mine, and we talked about writing, strange architecture and all sorts of other things. I came away from that morning with very sore legs and lots of new things to think about.

Beach Baths

So it seemed appropriate that this photo should eventually make its way into a Monday Project monthly theme, since the circumstances of its creation were themselves so inspiring. The other reason for having this particular shot in March is that I often spend much of the third month of the year looking back over my summer (hopefully some of which has been spent at a beach); I like that Hipstamatic shots instantly evoke that sense of nostalgia.

Don’t forget if you’d like to share your ideas and your progress on the theme, drop us a line or leave a link in the comments to this post.

Remember above all else, have some fun.

Responses to this month’s theme should make it to our inbox ( by midnight Monday 5 April. We’ll do our best to make sure they go up within the week.

If you’ve got your own blog or online space, feel free to post your response up there, but remember to let us know it’s there, so we can link to it. If you’d prefer just to send us a file, that’s fine too (try and keep it small, if you can!), and we’ll post it up here.

And if you have any ideas for future Monday Project themes, please drop us a line.

Happy creating!

~ Soph, Kate and Mr Sketchy


PS. Oops. We forgot to change the date of publication for this one. Rest assured that you can still send us responses to last month’s theme until next Monday, 7 March. You’ll just get a sneaky extra week to work on this theme!


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