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Coming Soon to 2011…

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the Monday Project! We hope everyone has had a fun and safe holiday season.

We’re happy to announce that soon we’ll be re-launching the Monday Project. As you may have noticed we have a new location, here at wordpress. Also, we have a new helper, Mr Sketchy.

We’re currently in the process of setting up the new blog and preparing a years worth of themes to help inspire the creative impulses of anyone who wishes to join in. We’ve also set up a Monday Project twitter feed. You’ll find all our thoughts that are less than 170 characters under Monday_Project.

We’re going to be launching the first theme for 2011 at the start of February. Posting will be a little scarce until then while we finish polishing things off around here, but we hope you stick around.

See you soon. Happy creating.

~ Soph, Kate and Mr Sketchy



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