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Slowing Down

I actually wrote this post two weeks ago (the last time I was sick!) but for some reason (probably crappy internet connection and impatience) I didn’t get to actually post it. I’ve been busy since, and now have got sick all over again. Very irritating!

Yesterday, in between my fevered sleeps and horredous coughing fits, I was reading this lovely lady’s blog. As well as some photos of her oh-so-cute little man, she often makes wonderfully insightful comments. The post I have linked to is all about slowing down.

The timing of this post, for me, is excellent. I rush around. I try to stretch my days to fit just that little extra bit of ‘stuff’ in. I like to be busy. And where does it lead me? To a sick bed. Which is where I will probably be for the next three days.

Now, I don’t want to blame this illness entirely on myself — the flu is, after all, going around at the moment. But I do think that if I gave myself just a little more time to do, well, nothing, I might avoid falling quite so hard when I do get sick. So Jodi’s post is a nicely timed reminder to slow down, just a little, and give myself some thinking and resting time.

As well as being good for my health, I can’t help but think some slow time will be good for my writing. If my brain’s too full of scheduling, as it often is of late, how will there ever be room for stories and ideas?

If nothing else good comes of this horrid flu, I guess at least it’s forcing me to stop for a while!

Image by Mister Rad.



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Fingers crossed!

This is an exciting week for me this week. Well, next week will probably be the MOST exciting, but this one is leading up to it.

I have three days left of employment at my current work. I’ve taken the plunge and I’m going out on my own. I figured it was now or never to embark on my own jewellery adventure, so fingers crossed it all works out.

I’m feeling pretty good, and I just think it might….

Now I will have plenty of time to finish off my submission for this month. I have quite a few ideas! And we have some new people playing along, so I look forward to sharing them soon.


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New work & a mini-rant…

Something that is really important to me in my jewellery practise is being able to create pieces that impact on the planet as lightly as possible. I do this in a number of ways, mainly by using recycled gold and silver. Usually I just buy this straight a supplier, that saves the metal from old phones and such from going into landfill. Such a fantastic idea! In no way does this result in an inferior type of gold – it’s exactly the same – or does this save any money, in fact it often costs more by the time to refine it, but the important thing is to reduce, reuse, recycle!! Also to avoid supporting a dirty, harmful industry. You can read more about it here or here if you are interested, and I will try to keep my rants to a minimum.

Anyway, the above piece was made recycling a customers gold and stones, and I just finished it yesterday and thought I might share as I think it came out pretty nice! Its using 4 rubies and 11 diamonds set around the edge which you can hardly see in this photo. I really need to get better at taking photo’s!


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I know its daggy but…

…I just love this song. I’ve been listening to it all night!

I’m compiling a mixed cd of those songs that you just cannot HELP but love… the old ones… for when I just cannot get motivated in my workship. Like Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car. I love that song too. Been playing her best of CD on repeat all week.

Hit me with your suggestions!


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Sigh. I’m frustrated. I don’t seem to be able to get over it either. I try to be positive, I really do, but at the moment I feel like I’m wasting time. I’m working, I’m even writing, but I don’t feel like I’m achieving anything.

This all began to become obvious about three weeks ago. My Mum came to visit for the weekend and we went to see Ruben Guthrie, a play by Australian playwright and actor Brendan Cowell. I loved it. But I began to wonder why I wasn’t writing plays myself. Or anything, really. I mean, I am writing, but nothing feels finished and I still have to go to my day job. I feel somehow trapped. Somewhere.

I wish writing was my day job but I have no idea how to get from here to there. And that, more than the fact that I’m not there yet, is what I’m frustrated about. I’m a proactive person. I like to have plans and implement them. I like to make decisions and act on them (for instance, when I moved away from Melbourne the time between me deciding to do so, and actually getting on a plane was about eight days, and it was only that long because I had to give notice at work). I’ve made some decisions about things I want to do in the near future, but I can’t act on them yet. Patience is certainly not my strong point.

All that said, I do have some things to be positive about at the moment. I have received some wonderfully positive feedback from my teachers about a screenplay and a short story I have written; and a non-fiction piece I wrote last year is about to be published in Voiceworks.

So why am I complaining, I think. Well, I’m just impatient I guess.


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Jumping in Puddles… late (again)

Okay, so this is more post-puddle than actually jumping in puddles. Like Ben Zen, I found myself wanting to play with this theme. So I haven’t written anything. Instead, I’ve looked around me. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with these three — perhaps I’ll make them into paintings on canvas — but I’m sure their number will grow.

More than anything, this month’s theme (okay, last month’s theme) has helped me to remember how fun it is to be observant. To just look. This can’t be a bad thing for my writing.
It’s also reminded me how much I miss visual art. I used to paint on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure it wasn’t always good. But it was always fun. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again.
Now, onto the current project

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new theme!

This week’s theme is:


(or “courage” if you like… we’re flexible… I just liked this picture hehe)

It will be due August 3rd. Go! Get creating!

image by karen m andersen


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Jumping in puddles…

I’m embarassed to even say it… but I’m late. Very late. Again. And so is Sophie. We are terrible players and someone should tell us we aren’t allowed to play anymore… next month we promise we will be better! Check out those who DID get a submission in over the side, or as follows:

Ben Zen:

Pseudo Rhys:

Mr. Sketchy:


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What can you teach me?

These are a great idea and twist on traditional name tags, but it got me thinking… Thinking about how we all have those things that we are quietly confident that we KNOW we are good at, even if sometimes they are ridiculous and impractical. Check more out here

I can teach you…

  • to make a bed, even with someone in it. Hospital corners and all. (6 months of a nursing degree will teach you that.)
  • about Parkes – ‘home of the dish’
  • to make a casserole.

What can you teach me?

image from creative mornings, via cup of jo


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