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Rain, rain, rain

It’s taken me a while to put these up. I took these on a failed adventure to the Everleigh Markets with my housemates — failed because we got there just as the markets shut. How I wish I’d had my gumboots on!

I’ve been motivated this week. I’ve had two nights at home writing, and wished I was doing it the other three nights. I’ve also been noticing the (sometimes) very interesting people around me as I train and walk it to work, and have taken down little notes, which hopefully will be the start of… well, something.

Hard to believe it’s only just over a week until this month’s project is due. I swear it was only January yesterday.



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too, too nice…

I wish I went to this university and knew these guys. What a lovely idea 🙂

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I’ve been quiet

I’m not entirely sure why. My busy period has been over for about a week now, but I guess I’ve needed some time to be still. I had two days off work this week and am only tonight venturing out for an evening.

I feel like i’m rebuilding my energy stores though. I’ve got some ideas bubbling away in my brain, ready to be written about once I feel motivated (hopefully soon!).

Oh, and the rain has continued on and off, much to the annoyance of almost everyone I know. But it’s certainly had me smiling!


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A little bit late…

Excuse us for being late to add A Simple Tune’s submission to the links on the side, I was a bit late in seeing she had contributed, but I’m glad to she did, it is such a lovely sounding song! She is the first one to simbit a sound submission! You can check it out here but head over to her blog as well to read about her ideas 🙂

It’s so fun to have more people playing along, with different mediums being explored!

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I have a dream….

I have a dream of running away to some little village in France or Greece or Spain and being a crazy passionate artist…

I’ve just been watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona and all but packing my bags and paints and heading off for here…

1. BjarteFronsdal
2. Santi MB
3. xeroinsanity
4. shirl581


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Can’t get motivated…

It is so cold today, I have lots to do but I just can’t bring myself to leave the warmth of my house for the freezing concrete that is my workshop. Yesterday there was condensation on my tools!!

I’ve been so productive lately, but today I just cannot…get….moving………..

Bring back summer…

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Is popcorn bad for you?….

This has nothing to do with anything…. except I’m munching on down on a fresh bowl of popcorn, and it’s so good. How bad is it for you? I mean… it’s corn… its a vegetable… it’s basically GOOD for me…right?

Yum Yum!

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