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Rain, rain

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is (presumably) snoring…

I really feel like winter has started; it’s bucketing down. And I love it! Okay, so I got wet from the waist down on my way to work this morning, and had to jump through a rather large puddle on the Pyrmont Bridge and am feeling a little cold in my air conditioned office, but I still really love rain.

When I was little I used to sit at our back windows (they were floor to ceiling glass — lovely) when it rained and watch the water rush down the glass. I was fascinated by it. And I used to love falling asleep to the sound of rain on our tin roof.

I don’t have a tin roof now, but I still love falling asleep to the sound of rain drops hitting my bedroom windows.

This morning I got up at 6 (I’ve been a bit slack and haven’t done this for quite some time) and sat up in bed to write a screenplay that I’m working on. I can’t think of a better soundtrack to that than the sound of rain falling outside and the quiet of the house around me. I didn’t want to leave this quiet little writing space I’d found.

I hope I can find it tomorrow.

This picture is from here; it’s actually in Coffs Harbour, but I feel like the rain was almost that heavy here!



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I usually write about sad things. Until today I had never really felt like I was greatly affected by that sadness.

Today I was doing some research for one of my stories and I cried. I cried solidly for about five minutes; tears dripped off my chin.

I’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I had such a violent reaction to what I’m writing about. I guess it means that I will write with empathy and passion; but maybe I will be too close to this writing. Maybe I won’t be able to make sense of the topic enough to write coherently about it. Maybe it will just come off as soppy, emotional crap.

This is new to me; I’m very confused about it.

Sorry about the lack of pictures in my last few posts. I don’t seem to be able to find or take anything appropriate.

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I’ve been published in print just once. On the web (other than here), I’ve been published a few more times. But I’m still not entirely sure how one goes about moving from Written Piece (notice I don’t say ‘finished’ – my pieces are never really finished) to Published Piece.

I do know that it involves putting your work out there. Sending your baby off to people you don’t know, who will judge whether or not it is worth publication. I find it a little terrifying.

The piece I had published in print was the first thing I ever really sent off. I should be proud of that, but it has, in fact, made it much more difficult for me to send anything else for consideration. What if it was just beginners’ luck? What if I only had one good piece of writing in me?

I know these are all just silly excuses for me to avoid having to face potential rejection. If I don’t send anything for consideration, I won’t have anything published. Simple as that.

I’ve made a mini-vow to myself. I am going to sit down at my computer and go through all of my short stories; and I am going to pick two, three, maybe four to start sending off to potential publishers. I will keep sending these stories until everywhere I can think of has said ‘no’ (or not replied).

The other issue here, of course, is that I do need to feel like something is at least finished enough for publication. So this is the first part of my mission: I am going to try to get three or four pieces to a Finished Enough point and then out they will go, into the big, scary world of Please Publish Me.

Wish me luck!


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Mary and Max

I’ve just been to a preview screening of Mary and Max, the new animation by Oscar-winning Harvey Krumpet writer/director, Adam Elliot.

I absolutely adored this film. Visually, it is spectacular to look at and it has a simple, touching story. The film is about the twenty year pen-friendship that forms between an eight year-old Mary in Australia and a forty-something year-old Max in New York.

Whatever I say about this film will sound trite, so I won’t try to review it, only say that films like this one inspire my storytelling and motivate me to try harder. Never a bad thing!

Definitely see this one if you can.


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Red Bubble

I love Red Bubble; I could spend hours looking through people’s art, and reading their writing. Some inspirational stuff here! Have a look.

I’ve never ordered anything from here, but now’s as good a time to start as any. Bring on the Red Bubble present-buying.

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Recycled notebooks

I’ve finally got around to uploading a picture of the notebooks I have been making in my spare moments at work.

Here are two of them, in beautiful yellow and purple.

I’m yet to use these, because I’m still filling up the last notebooks I bought, but I’ll be excited when the time comes!


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17 reasons I’m looking forward to the fast approaching winter…

1. Skirts and boots.
2. Hot water bottles.
3. Handmade scarves.
4. Fresh crisps mornings where everything feels new and clean.
5. Hearty vegetable soups.
6. Stockings.
7. Snuggling in bed.
8. That chilling feeling when you are all rugged up and toasty warm on the inside but a cold wind blows and your nose gets cold.
9. Warm baths.
10. Being snuggled up inside when it’s raining.
11. Wearing socks.
12. Slippers and flannel pyjamas.
13. Puddles.
14. Frozen foggy breath.
15. Dark mornings where you get into the city and its foggy and cold and the lights are only just turning off and it still feels a little bit like night.
16. Hot air balloons in the sky in the morning (why do I only see these in winter?)
17. Hot chocolates being more acceptable and necessary.

images by doogsta and OZpics2007


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