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A new year

These days I spend so much time worrying about where I am headed and how I am going to do all the things I’d like to do and some days what it is I even WANT to do, and it’s getting me nowhere to actually figuring it all out. In fact its stressing me out and its got to stop.

Today starts a year of not knowing and not trying to know. Of just being and letting everything else follow. Of trying new things, meeting new people, and then in a year, some travelling to places I have never been.

(photo the road to ragged mountain)



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Today I received in the mail the best suprise I have ever received ever in the mail! I received the most beautiful print from bubbo-tubbo that I posted about a few weeks ago. It was so beautifully packaged I didn’t even want to open it! However I did, very very carefully so as not to rip anything and I love it! I cant wait to get this up on my wall. Thankyou Natasha so very very much!


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“… and now for something completely different.”

Well, not quite. But this week I have tried something new. Every morning I got up at 6am to write for nearly an hour before I had to get ready to start my other (paid) working day. I sat up in bed each morning, opened my laptop or my notebook and put words on the page one after another.

Some mornings I got further than others; some mornings the time seemed to drag on as I tried to squeeze the words out of my brain; on others the time seemed to pass in the space of an early-morning yawn and I was suddenly scrambling to get all the ideas, phrases and words onto the page before I ran down the hallway to have a shower.

A couple of the people I have told about my new routine have raised their eyebrows and said things like, “Wow, you’re dedicated” (read crazy). At the risk of sounding like a pretentious git, it’s not about dedication for me. This is what I want to do with my life; it’s an absolute compulsion. When I’m not writing and putting some type of story together I feel frustrated, even angry, and am no doubt rather unpleasant company.

Of course this compulsion to write does not mean I can avoid frustration altogether. I still struggle to write more than the synopsis of a story, or the first three paragraphs. The ideas are constant – there are stories happening around me all the time, all I need do is look – but following them through from the gruelling process from interesting thought to a story that is not entirely dull is a very difficult exercise for me. My biggest problem is stamina.

And so I’m forcing myself to write every day; to have a writing routine. Hopefully eventually my stamina – and of course the quality of my writing! – will improve.

Tonight I start my Masters in Writing at UTS. No doubt study and the ominous presence of assignment deadlines will do a great deal to improve both my motivation and stamina!

What keeps you motivated to follow a creative project through to completion?

Just a week until the deadline for the current Monthly Project!

Photo by sucka74.


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The ones we love

This site is so lovely. Appeals to the romantic in me! I love seeing photographers taking photos of the people they love. Some very beautiful photos and people on this site that I found via the girl in the green dress

(image from the ones we love)


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some nice numbers


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On my "desk"… which is this week actually the floor.

This week I have been feeling so very un-creative… which makes me feel a bit stressed about not feeling creative which makes me feel a bit stressed about being stressed! Vicious cycle! I haven’t really even been making anything this week, been mostly doing things on my computer, and reading through magazines looking for some inspiration! Tonight though I have been playing around with paper and I think I’m onto an exciting new idea! Can’t wait to try it in metal and see how is looks!

Other than that, on my “desk” (ie: this week the floor where my computer is…yes, yes i need to get myself a desk…) I have lots of lists and a gas bill…. Oh and a mug which you can only just see the corner of that says “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” I like it alot.
More desks here.


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More knitted graffiti…

More knitted graffiti here at kitty’s kaboodle. This one is even better! Thanks to Kirsty for pointing it out to me!
(Photo from kitty’s kaboodle)


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