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feeling a little unproductive…

In the middle of finding a new house to live in and packing up the one I’m in at the moment, not leaving very much time for creative projects…. I have a few ideas but still unsure whether it’ll be in jewellery or photography…. has anyone decided what they are doing?

I HAVE to stop wasting lots of time reading the dailies over at design for mankind. I get so excited whenever a new one is up I just love seeing how other people spend their days, but then I end up sitting here for hours just reading through all the new interesting things. Don’t go there if you plan do to anything productive with the rest of your day….


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A coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that the day I decide to direct you to one of my favourite blogs, said blogger calls her post Monday Afternoons?

This is one for your Regular Check pile. I find her inspiring – I hope you do too.

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Kate and I decided we should post some little things to get everyone (including us) started on this month’s project so I’ve found a few ‘Monday’ images that I like:

Monday Blues

Monday 3am

I’ve also found another blog on the Monday theme:

Monday Artday

I’ll post some more as I find them, and maybe a few ideas of my own.

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monday morning photo….

Stumbled upon a great flickr group today with some beautiful monday morning photos….. I’m going to try take some to add to this! THIS one is my favorite. The light and clouds look amazing.

Thinking maybe for this project i will be using photography for theme monday, rather than making some monday related jewellery as nothing has really sprung to mind yet. Either is going to be a challenge…

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project one

So the first project has been decided. It is going to be:


Seems fitting as its the monday project, and of course, today is monday!

So lets all get started creating! The idea is to create whatever you like, which is someway is related the word monday. It doesnt have to be obviously directly related, but when you post up some pictures of your work a short explanation would be great.

This project will go for six weeks, so all finished drawings, paintings, photos, whatever need to be uploaded by the 28th of April for everyone to have a look at.

So get creating!

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some ideas….

okay so a few ideas so far are:




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"this is gonna be fun…."

okay so this is all very new and there is lots still to learn about how this all works but this is my idea:

Lately I have been feeling like I really need some inspiration or motivation to get creating…. I think it would be fun to have a project where every six weeks a theme or idea is proposed and anyone who wants to be involved uses this idea (whether it be a word, phrase, picture etc) to create something. It can be a painting, drawing, sculpture, jewellery, short story, photographs…. whatever you like! There is no wrong or right answer. There is no best. There is no prize. It is just something fun to get us all kick started when sometimes we are feeling a little uninspired. Anything submitted at the end of this time will be posted up at the end of the six weeks for all to look at. It will be interesting to see how we all are inspired differently by the same thing!

Any suggestions for the first idea??

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